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A website can customize this button and set upto 3 forms which can be configured with three different e-mail addresses of different departments.

If a query is received at the support department the reply would be sent via the configured mail of the support department.

You can change the color or the front end of the button to match the interface of the website. As well as set the number of fields and categories of that department.


You can select color, alignment, and design of the button as per the requirement of the website.

Category and Fields

You can customize categories and fields of the feedback button very easily from the category & Fields option inside setting.

You can add categories and field for all the three forms which are Support, Suggestion and Billing as per the requirement.

And all your changes you made in categories and field will reflect inside feedback button.


You can also make settings for the occurrence of the feedback button.

You can select desktop if you want the button to be visible on desktop visitors only.

Similarly you can select mobile if you want the button to be visible for mobile visitors.

Or you can select both desktop and mobile if you want the button to be visible for both desktop and mobile visitors.

You can also provide the Link of the page where you want to show the button along with that you can set up the message when the visitor submits the feedback form.


There is a list tab under the Feedify dashboard in the visitor Feedback dropdown from where all the mails received can be viewed and replied.

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